Reception Literacy Learning Sessions

Reception children have been having lots of fun sharing their literacy activities with parents.

Easter Booster Club

Over the Easter holidays, Year 6 were invited to a Maths Booster. We had a fantastic turn out and had 3 days of brilliant learning (and even cakes from Callum Smith!). All of the teachers (and Freddie the dog) were extremely proud of the dedication and enthusiasm shown by every single pupil! Here are a few pictures of our club:

Year 1 Miniature Garden Competition

Year 1′s topic for this term is ‘Plants and Seasons’. Due to this, we thought it would be a fun idea to hold a miniature garden contest. You can base this on your own garden or an imaginary garden. Things that could be included are:
• Grass
• Swings
• Fountains
• Pond
• Trees
• Vegetable Patch
• Wildlife
It is up to you what materials you want to use. It should be no bigger than A3 (for example a small cat litter tray). This will be separate from their homework. Children are being asked to design and create a miniature garden that they can bring into school to be judged on Thursday 21st May.

The winner from each class will receive a prize. Please bring the gardens in on this date only as teachers will not have room to store them otherwise. We will look forward to seeing your creative green fingered ideas.

Easter Eggs!

This year, children made lots of fantastic eggs! Well done to the KS2 winners: Jo, Simone, Harry and Chloe. The KS1 and FS winners are: Millie W, Bailey S and La Myah.

Here are the names of children who won an Easter Egg in the raffle:
Karen K, Alfie D, Katie C, Cerys J, Daisy F, MacKenzie F, Tom J, Jacob I, Evie L, George G, Rhianna H, Morgan F, Ruby W, Harry D, Abdee Q, Tai D, Lucas H, Ellie , Hannah N, Ellie R, Jake F, Arabella W, Lamyah , Aman, Nikaiya, Macey, Rukhmini and Matthew P.

Happy Easter everyone!

Solar Eclipse

Today we took children onto the playground to watch the solar eclipse! Children had made their own pinhole viewers to watch the event.

Year Two even had an eclipse breakfast as Space is their topic! The children ate fruit, muffins and drank squash. They watched videos and made eclipse posters then all went outside to use their viewers and watch the eclipse. It was a remarkable event that they will remember for a long time.

Year 1′s Victorian Topic

Year 1 have been busy learning all about Brunel for their topic this term.

The adults did not come to school wearing their usual clothes…

They came as…

Can you guess? Victorian school teachers! This helped to get us all thinking about the period that Brunel lived in.

We also went to visit the SS Great Britain and got the opportunity to explore Brunel’s fantastic work!