Walk to School Week

Next week is national walk to school week. We will be encouraging the children to walk to school, and they can earn stickers for their class poster. The classes with the highest score at the end of the week will get a prize. We will also be having an alphabet competition where the children record things that they find on the journey to school. Finally on Friday 22nd May teachers will be joining children walking to school (more details to follow) and as always there will be fruit and squash in the playground at 8:40. Thank you in advance for your support.

Mrs Evans
Science Co-coordinator

The Votes Are In!

The votes are in! Purple Team have won by a very close margin.

Here are the total votes for each team.

Purple: 189
Yellow: 171
Orange: 164

As you can see, it was a very close race. A big congratulations to all the teams and all the children who put lots of effort into running their team’s campaign.

The Purple Team’s manifesto included getting a school pet and running a photography and gardening club.

Children Cast Their Vote

Yesterday children all over the school cast their vote for either the Orange Team, Purple Team or the Yellow Team.

Children’s General Election

The General Election is only a day away but today it is the children’s turn to vote! Some children in Year 6 have created parties in order to better our school. Yesterday, the three groups of Year 6s presented their ideas to each keystage. They set out their goals and the way they would like to improve our school. Here are the three teams.

Orange Team are interested in more computing and DT lessons for everybody.
Purple Team would like school pets for classes to take in turn looking after.
Yellow Team want to promote creativity, and one of their plans is to place a graffiti wall in the playground.

Who are you voting for?

Coding in Minecraft

Today was the second Coding in Minecraft after school club session. In this session, the children created a program which changed water into ice when they walked over it. Some of the children in the club were able to modify the program. Jake wrote a program that changed grass into lava!

Reception Literacy Learning Sessions

Reception children have been having lots of fun sharing their literacy activities with parents.